CBD Isolate

Expand your options with CBD Isolate. We have sourced the most premium quality isolate and made sure you have the ultimate CBD extract at the most optimal price and you can start producing now. Never synthetic and never fortified.

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CBD Isolate

The first two steps in isolating CBD from crude extract is winterization and decarboxylation. Winterization removes lipids and plant waxes and decarboxylation converts CBDA to CBD by method of heat and time. Winterized oil then goes through a fractional distillation process to remove chlorophyll, terpenes and unwanted plant material. The concentrated CBD is then mixed with a non-polar solvent in a reactor. The solution is heated and cooled to precipitate out pure CBD in crystal form.

The CBD precipitate is then washed with the same non-polar solvent in the reactor to purify the CBD of any contaminates. The isolate is then placed into a vacuum to purge the isolate of all solvents that were used in the isolation process, resulting in 99% pure solvent free CBD Isolate crystals. These CBD crystals are then carefully crushed and ground into a fine powder for easier use when formulating products.

99%+ CBD

Organically Grown
Non – GMO
THC Free
Full Traceability
100% Vegan
Easy to Formulate
Zero Smell
Zero Taste

Pure single molecule CBD

Iso 9001 Certified
GMP Certified
Kosher Certified

Oils and Tinctures
Vegetarian Capsules
Vegan Jelly Dome Sweets
Gummy Bear Sweets
Vapes and E-liquid
Topicals and Skincare

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